Takanari Togu
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 東宮 高成
Romaji translation Tōgū Takanari
Nicknames The Emperor (by classmates)
Gender Male
Born October 17[1]
Hair color Light blue (slightly darker than his brothers)
Eye color Light blue
Occupation(s) Student/Emperor
Family Shizumasa Togu (twin brother)
Shoka Togu (biological mother)
Kyoka Togu (mother)
Kasuga Togu (cousin)
Education Imperial Academy
Rank Gold
Affiliations Student Council
Togu family

Takanari Togu (東宮 高成 Tōgū Takanari) is the older twin brother of Shizumasa Togu and currently posing as the Emperor of Imperial Academy.


Early lifeEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Takanari Togu has light blue hair (slight darker than his brother) and light blue eyes

Personality and traitsEdit

Takanari in the beginning he is cold and distance but, once influenced by Haine, he became more kind and soft.



Haine OtomiyaEdit

Takanari and Haine's relationship was very complicated at the beginning being that he posed as his younger twin brother, who Haine was in love with at the time. Takanari is originally cold and distant, but his personality and demeanour improve as he falls in love with Haine. As the story progresses and his true identity is revealed, Haine becomes confused as to who is it she is really in love with, Shizumasa or Takanari. Eventually, she makes her decision to mary Takanari and live with Shizumasa as well. She does this to ensure that the Togu family tradition of the 'shadow twin' doesn't continue and both Shizumasa and Takanari can live separate lives, yet it is clear that Takanari is the one she is in love with.

Behind the scenesEdit

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