Maika Kamiya
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 香宮 舞加
Romaji translation Kamiya Maika
Gender Female
Hair color White
Eye color Light blue
Family Kazuhito Kamiya (husband)
Haine Otomiya (daughter)
Komaki Kamiya (daughter)
Tachibana Kamiya (son)
Relationships Kazuhito Kamiya (husband)
Itsuki Otomiya (former boyfriend)
Education Imperial Academy
Rank Platinum
Bronze (formerly)
Affiliations Kamiya family

Maika Kamiya (香宮 舞加 Kamiya Maika) formally Maika Rikyuu (離宮 舞加 Rikyū Maika), is the mother of Haine Otomiya, Komaki and Tachibana Kamiya. She was previously in a relationship with Itsuki Otomiya, until being forced into a relationship with Kazuhito Kamiya.

She later married Kazuhito and had Haine, who was biologically Itsuki's daughter. This caused Kazuhito to give Haine to Itsuki in exchange for fifty-million-yen, when she was five. Maika went into a mental depression soon after that.


Early lifeEdit

Maika was born into the Rikyuu Family, a family that managed a small factory that was under the umbrella of the Kamiya's corporation. Maika dreamed of becoming a ballerina, a Prima Donna.[1]

High schoolEdit

In High School she was a bronze student and like every normal student when she thought she was alone. One day when practicing ballet she trip and fell on Kazuhito Kamiya by accident.  Soon a friendship developed. One day were she was kissing Itsuki Otomiya and unknown to her Kazuhito accidently caught them at the time. Due to his jealousy Kazuhito won the student council election from Itsuki. After becoming the new president and gathering a Gold rank, Maika became very upset with Kazuhito. He wanted to be romantically involved with her, but knew he couldn’t due to her rank as a Bronze. So he made the rank of Platinum specifically for her so he could bypass the ranks to be with her.  Soon she was forced by her family to marry Kazuhito which she did. 

Shinshi Doumei Cross 39 - Read Shinshi Doumei Cross Chapter 39 Online - Page 37

A recovered Maika from her mental breakdown.

Physical appearanceEdit

Maika has long white hair that is almost the same length as Haine's before Haine cut it. There are strands of short hair that touch to her cheeks that frame her small face making her eyes pop out more looking bigger that always seem to be in a daze when she is not doing anything. She has light blue eyes and is was described by her son Tachibana as being identical to her daughter Haine. While her daughter has brown eyes and blonde/brown hair, their face and body structure is completely identical to each other.

Personality and traitsEdit

Maika like her daugther Haine and Komaki are all three alike but Maika seems a little bit more mature then her daugther's.She is shown to be a very loving and caring to her children and the people that show care


Kazuhito Kamiya (husband)

Haine Otomiya (daughter)

Komaki Kamiya (daughter)

Tachibana Kamiya (son)

Behind the scenesEdit

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