Kusame Otomiya
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 乙宮 草芽
Romaji translation Otomiya Kusame
Gender Male
Born May 1, 1990[1][2]
Hair color Green
Eye color Green
Occupation(s) Student
Family Ryokka Otomiya (mother)
Unnamed father
Itsuki Otomiya (step-father)
Haine Otomiya (step-sister)
Relationships Komaki Kamiya
Education Imperial Academy
Rank Silver
Affiliations Otomiya family
Student Council

Kusame Otomiya (乙宮 草芽 Otomiya Kusame) is the vice president of Imperial Academy's junior high Student Council.


Early lifeEdit

Junior highEdit

he is the vice-president

Physical appearanceEdit

has green hair and eyes

Personality and traitsEdit

Kusame secretly fell in over for his older step-sister Haine and refuses to call her onee-chan("big sister") for that reason.After accepting Komaki's feelings for him, Kusame ends up competing with Tachibana for Hain's affection as their older sister



Komaki KamiyaEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross Wiki has 4 images related to Kusame Otomiya.
  • He makes his debut appearance in chapter one as part of the supporting cast.



  1. Can I Believe in You, So that I May Be Stronger than I Am Now? (sidebar)
  2. Haine is born in 1989, and Kusame is a year younger making his birth year 1990.

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