Komaki Kamiya
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 香宮 小牧
Romaji translation Kamiya Komaki
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Red
Occupation(s) Student
Family Maika Kamiya (mother)
Kazuhito Kamiya (father)
Haine Otomiya (half-sister)
Tachibana Kamiya (brother)
Relationships Kusame Otomiya
Education Imperial Academy
Rank Gold
Silver (formerly)
Affiliations Student Council
Kamiya family

Komaki Kamiya (香宮 小牧 Kamiya Komaki) is the president of the junior high division's Student Council at Imperial Academy. She is the daughter of Maika and Kazuhito Kamiya, and the sister of Haine Otomiya and Tachibana Kamiya.


Komaki was born into the Kamiya family after Kazuhito Kamiya (father) sold her older sister, Haine for 50 million yen to the Otomiya family. It is not stated when Komaki became the president of the junior high student council at the Imperial Academy. 

Physical appearanceEdit

Komaki has red eyes and black curly hair which is kept in two ponytails and is seen wearing the standered junior high school uniform she kepts her hair in two red bows

Personality and traitsEdit

Komaki personality she has proper and lady-like, she tends to have her moments of outburst, provding that she is indeed Haine's little sister.



Kusame OtomiyaEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

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