Kasuga Togu
Character information
Full name Kasuga Togu
Name in Japanese 東宮 春日
Romaji translation Togu Kasuga
Nicknames Dark Mermaid
Gender Female
Hair color
Eye color
Family Shizumasa Togu (cousin)
Takanari Togu (cousin)
Affiliations Togu family

Kasuga Togu (東宮 春日 Tōgū Kasuga) is a member of the Togu family, and a former yanki gang member.


She joined a yanki in order to escape the stress from having to be a proper lady of the Togu family, the name she beared. Kasuga Togu first appeared in the manga when she went to the Imperial academy to pursue Haine to re-join the yanki group,  Dark Mermaid. After she talks with her two cousins, she tosses them a bag of Haine's teeth that she broke when she beat Haine up after Haine exclaimed that she wanted to leave the group. The yanki group she joined was called Dark Mermaid. Kasuga Togu is also called Dark Mermaid. She and Haine used to be  close, the duo well known as the "Top 2" in yanki groups. Kasuga finally quit being a yanki to make Kiriaki (caretaker of Shizumasa Togu ) fall in love for her.

Physical appearanceEdit

Shinshi Doumei Cross 36 - Read Shinshi Doumei Cross Chapter 36 Online - Page 18

Kasuga in her yanki outfit

When participating in her yanki, the Dark Mermaid, she wears the usual outfit yanki participants wear. Her hair is straight unlike when she is in her normal attire. She wears bandages over her chest and clinging jeans with a piece of cloth over her mouth. Her proper(normal) attire in which she only appeared once in the manga as was a striped dress with plain white long sleeves and a headband with a flower on it in her hair. Her hair is more flowing and wavy and the ends. When she is normal, away from her group, she is barely recognizable and Haine thinks of her as a pretty girl.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kasuga Togu is an outgoing girl and when irritated just a little, she beats up the annoyer. She is calm especially when assumed in her proper attire.


Haine OtomiyaEdit

She has a strong bond with Haine, having previously been with Haine the duo known as "Top 2".

Behind the ScenesEdit


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