Kamiya family
General information
Status Extant
Notable members Kazuhito Kamiya
Komaki Kamiya
Related families Otomiya family
Affiliations Student Council
Imperial Academy

Kamiya (香宮) is the surname of a wealthy family in Japan.


Known membersEdit

  • Kazuhito Kamiya — the current head of the family, husband of Maika, and father of two.
  • Maika Kamiya — formerly Maika Rikyuu, is the wife of Kazuhito, and mother of Haine, Komaki and Tachibana.
  • Komaki Kamiya — daughter of Maika and Kazuhito, sister of Tachibana, and half-sister of Haine.
  • Tachibana Kamiya — son of Kazuhito and Maika, currently attending Imperial Academy.

Family treeEdit

Itsuki Otomiya
Maika Kamiya
Kazuhito Kamiya
Haine Otomiya
Komaki Kamiya
Tachibana Kamiya

See alsoEdit

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