Itsuki Otomiya
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 乙宮 樹
Romaji translation Otomiya Itsuki
Gender Male
Age 37[1]
Born 1967[2]
Hair color
Eye color
Occupation(s) Chief executive
Emperor (formerly)
Family Ryokka Otomiya (wife)
Kusame Otomiya (step-son)
Haine Otomiya (daughter)
Relationships Ryokka Otomiya (wife)
Maika Kamiya (former girlfriend)
Education Imperial Academy
Rank Gold
Affiliations Otomiya family
Student Council (formerly)

Itsuki Otomiya (乙宮 樹 Otomiya Itsuki) is the former Emperor of Imperial Academy. He currently owns Otomiya Furniture, which is on the brink of bankruptcy.


Early lifeEdit

High schoolEdit

Adult lifeEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Personality and traitsEdit



Maika KamiyaEdit

Itsuki and Maika were boyfriend and girlfriend in high school they remanded intenment even when Maika married Kazuhito as porefed being the her is Haine's bologecial daugther.

Behind the scenesEdit



  1. I'm Not Afraid of the Emperor!
  2. He is 37-years-old in 2004 making his birth-year around 1967.

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