I'm Not Afraid of the Emperor! ☆
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Volume 1
Chapter 1
Release date August 3, 2004[1]
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Followed by My Troubled Love! The Student Council Is Full of Mystery?!
"My name is Haine Otomiya. ☆ I'm a cheerful 15-year-old!!"
Haine introduces herself.

I'm Not Afraid of the Emperor! ☆ (Jyoto皇帝!☆ Jyoto Kōtei! ☆) is the first chapter of The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross. This chapter serves as an introduction of the main character, Haine Otomiya, setting, and several other supporting characters.

"I'm Not Afraid of the Emperor! ☆" was adapted into a drama CD by Shueisha in 2004. It features the voices of Houko Kuwashima as Haine and Junichi Suwabe as Shizumasa Togu (Takanari).



Haine introduces herself to the readers, while talking to her family. She hands her step-mother her earnings, and introduces the family she was adopted into. Along with her step-brother, Kusame Otomiya, Haine goes to school. He comments that there is a new president, and Haine happily remarks that it is Shizumasa Togu.

At school Haine greets her friends, Rieko and Tsukasa, and reveals that she holds a part-time job at the school. Ushio Amamiya, Haine's best friend, scares off Rieko and Tsukasa by being too blunt towards them. Haine explains how Imperial Academy works, such as the ranks, uniforms, and the Emperor.

"It's like the difference between first-class, business-class, and economy-class on an airplane."
—Haine explains the ranks.

The Emperor, Shizumasa Togu

There are three ranks Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze students are mostly from wealthy families, while Silver are mostly millionaires. Haine happens to be a Bronze, which she mentions is a "pretty miserable existence." Only the Emperor can be Gold, who Haine is in love with.

The incidentEdit

Ushio advises Haine that falling in love with Shizumasa is pointless. Haine tries to play it off, so Ushio tests her by telling her that there is a rumor that he has a lover. She is caught off-guard by this, and yells by accident. They continue to debate back and forth.

Haine explains how to encounters caused her to fall in love with Shizumasa. First was after reading the book Shizumasa had written as a child, and later meeting him as a ninth grader at a low point in her life. She always remembers him smiling, but worries because she no longer sees his happy face.

The morning assembly is interrupted by a group called the Heretics, who were throwing fake snakes all around the crowd. Since Haine rarely sees Shizumasa this enrages her, and causes her yanki side to come out. She freaks out, and starts beating up the fake snakes. Her classmates are utterly stunned by this, and stare at her with blank faces.


"Ever since this article was posted on the academy's website, nobody will talk to you?"
Ushio Amamiya to Haine

The next day an article was released about Haine's past, causing most of the school to avoid her. When confronted by her classmates about this Haine tells them the truth, but they still were scared. Ushio comforts Haine telling her not to worry about it.

Shizumasa and Maguri Tsujimiya are looking at the scene from afar. Maguri asks Shizumasa if he is interested in Haine, and he replies that he hates her. Maguri wants more details about it, but Shizumasa distinctly avoids saying anything else on the subject.

Meanwhile, Haine is still depressed about the incident, and Riko and Tsukasa continue to avoid her. When, a small animal falls on her head and another student comes to find her pet. The animal is revealed to be Okori-Makuri and the student Maora Ichinomiya. Maora tells Haine that Shizumasa has been kidnapped and asks Haine to rescue him. Haine goes to the Postman for more about the letter stating this. He cannot tell her anything about it, but gives her a clue.

The EmperorEdit

Haine concludes that he was taken to the Hanging Garden. She sneaks in and finds him, but is nervous about thier third encounter. He runs away from her, Haine asks if he remembers her, and he replies no. Haine does not give up, but Shizumasa reveals that their is no such kidnapper. This comes as a shock to her, and takes a second for her realize it. Shizumasa in reality just wanted to be left alone, Haine begins to understand his feelings.

"You...You should fall in love with me!!"
—Haine announces her feelings to Shizumasa

She thinks more deeply about and in the process switches up the words, and develops an idea from it. Haine passionately yells out her idea to Shizumasa, telling him to fall in love with her. However, he looks at her with contempt in his eyes.

Some students come by and jump to conclusions that Haine was the one that kidnapped Shizumasa. He covers for her and tells them that she had beaten the kidnappers. Maora and Maguri show up, and Maora announces that she has appointed Haine as Shizumasa's bodyguard. Maguri protests Haine's appointment, saying she only helped to receive points. That struck a nerve in Haine, and she tells everyone she did because she is in love with Shizumasa. She says she will protect him no matter what, but Shizumasa over-rules her.


Senri Narimiya encourages her appointment, and Shizumasa approves it after all. Haine is happy, and goes home to talk to Ushio on the phone. Haine and Ushio get off the phone with eachother, but Ushio seems somewhat depressed by Haine Student Council placement.

Haine is late to school the next day, when she spots Shizumasa talking to Maguri. Maguri pulls Shizumasa towards him and starts to kiss him. But, Haine falls in front of them causing nothing to happen. The chapter is left at a cliff-hanger.

Author's freetalkEdit

Arina Tanemura has two columns for the first chapter, and begins with telling her reader's that this is her twentieth manga. She says she enjoys the creation of this story, and intends for the columns to be used for character profiles. Arina is apparently a cat person by stating that she has two American Shorthair cats.

Haine is the first of the character profiles. Her birthday is January 21, and her blood type is O. Some of her past is given, such as the picture book and her adoption. The author comments that Haine is an unusual character for her style, but feels that she can draw Haine in a relaxed mood.

Character appearancesEdit


  • Haine states that Shizumasa has "Jekyll and Hyde" personality after the famous novel which spawned several films.


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